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BRASH Esports wins Frag-0-Matic!

Our Rocket League team travelled to the Oktoberhallen in Belgium to participate in Frag-0-Matic, one of the biggest LAN-events in the Benelux. Sem ‘’smtx’’ Klinkenberg, Dwen ‘’Dwen’’ Donker and ‘’Kars ‘’Kennyymeister’’ Kuitert’’ were the players that had to perform against the other top esports teams.

During the groupstage our team had a chance to warm-up and get in their flow. Teams like 666-trol, Cr33p Gaming B and De Halve Sandwichen  weren’t able to win any round versus our squad, meaning our team won 3 games, 6 round wins (bo3 games) and 0 rounds lost.

The first match of the upper bracket was also against 666-trol, which they’ve already beat 2-0 in the groupstage. Without any doubt, they did the same again and advanced to play against Team Qbyte Black, a well known team in the scene with players like Krevolution, niseron and pollie. In a close match, BRASH managed to win 3-2 in a best of 5 and continued in the upper bracket to play versus ToxicFalcons Esports. Kennyymeister, smtx and Dwen managed to win comfortably with a score of 3-1.

Now the real matches started. The upper bracket final was played against Benelux top team mCon esports. These were the guys to beat as they’ve won most of the events in the past year. With playes like Mikeboy, Justuszzz and ThO. it surely wasn’t going to be an easy task beating the favourites of this event. In a fairly close game our team lost 2 to 4 in a best of 7. Disappointment was there as they know they have the skill and teamwork to beat mCon, which they noticed during the games. However, that doesn’t count in the end.

This time around, we had to play against Team Qbyte Red in the consolidation final. They’ve managed to beat Team Qbyte Black 3-2 in the loser bracket final. Expecting Red to be better than Black, BRASH esports won with another comfortable score of 3-1, making them advance to the grandfinals!

Again, mCon esports were the team to beat. In a best of 7, mCon already had 1 round win due to advancing to the grandfinals through the winner bracket. Shortly after, we were down 1-3 and on the edge of losing the grandfinals. However… That’s when the magic happened. It was all or nothing, and our team started to win round after round, scoring goals and making life difficult for mCon using demos and bumps. mCon had great difficulty finding our net, while our players were able to score the goals they needed. Soon after, it was 3-3 and both teams were only 1 round away of winning Frag-0-matic and €750 euros cash.

The final match was a nail biting experience. The pressure of mCon was insane, but somehow they couldn’t score as smtx, Kennyymeister and Dwen defended their goal in crazy manner. We scored during a counterplay… YEA. Only a couple of minutes away of winning this event and beating the favourites. Time went slow, but when the ball hit the ground on 00:00 and the score was still 1-0, happiness was there! But, so was tiredness, as the players played this grandfinal at 2:00AM in the morning. No party time, we all went to bed and picked up our nice prices the following day.

Thanks to Frag-0-Matic, onto the next one! #BeBrash

Twitch link grand finals https://www.twitch.tv/videos/389598698
Groupstage: http://www.fom.be/compos/view/257
Bracket: http://www.fom.be/compos/view/257

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